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Cooling & Heating System Parts

Mercury Capri Radiator - Automatic Transmission (AT, A/T) Models / Capri Radiator - Automatic Transmission Models (AT, A/T) - RARE 22 7/16" CORE - PROFESSIONALLY RECONDITIONED / REFURBISHED (AUTOMOTIVE RADIATOR SPECIALIST) - COPPER!



This Mercury Capri Radiator -  ALL COPPER CORE - (RARE 22 7/16"/ 22 3/8 WIDE) was PROFESSIONALLY RECONDITIONED by AN INDEPENDENT AUTOMOTIVE RADIATOR SPECIALIST. It is correct for all  for all 1991 / 91, 1992 / 92, 1993 / 93 & 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Base Base Models with an Automatic Transmission (AT, A/T) Models This PROFESSIONALLY RECONDITIONED replacement Radiator is correct for All Mercury Capri Base Models with an Automatic Transmission (AT, A/T) Models and a 22 7/16"or 22 3/8 WIDE CORE. This PROFESSIONALLY RECONDITIONED, ALL BRASS, Mercury Capri Radiator an Automatic Transmission (AT, A/T) Models Capri Radiator with an Automatic Transmission (AT, A/T) Models Radiator (ALL COPPER CORE) was removed from a running donor car, and PROFESSIONALLY RECONDITIONED / REFURBISHED by our AUTOMOTIVE RADIATOR SPECIALISTThis, ALL COPPER,  Mercury Capri Radiator was professionally RECONDITIONED: flushed, cleaned, pressure tested, FINS STRAIGHTED (*), & REFINISHED IN FACTORY BLACK PAINT. INSTALLED. PLEASE NOTE: YOU'LL NEED TO RE-USE / PURCHASE THE RADIATOR DRAIN COCK AND RADIATOR CAP (NEITHER ARE INCLUDED). REPLACEMENT OF HOSES IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED.

Application - All Mercury Capri models with an Automatic Transmission - (AT, A/T): 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 - Mercury Capri Radiator - (A/T, AT): 1991 /91 Mercury Capri Radiator (A/T, AT), 1992 / 92 Mercury Capri Radiator - (A/T, AT), 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Radiator - (A/T, AT), 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Radiator - (A/T, AT) WITH A RARE 22 7/16" CORE* PLEASE NOTE: This Mercury Capri Radiator is a order item, so please allow approximately an additional 3 - 5 days from order date for item to ship.  As a RECONDITIONED part (fins straighted as best possible), per our sated policies "All Sales Are Final" & "As Is" order cancellations, returns, exchanges and/or refunds, so please measure your old radiator PRIOR to ordering this replacement unit. Although it seems that Capri radiators most commonly have a 22 7/16" (22.44") WIDE CORE, PRIOR TO ORDERING, you'll need to determine/confirm that your core has a 22 7/16" (22.44") WIDE CORE as well as with the rest of its measurements provided below.**PLEASE NOTEIT IS THE CUSTOMER'S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO PROPERLY MEASURE THEIR EXISTING RADIATOR TO INSURE THAT THEY ARE ORDERING THE CORRECT SIZE"ALL SALES ARE FINAL / AS IS". There are  NO WARRANTEES/ GUARANITIES and ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES, REFUNDS, OR STORE CREDITS on these Reconditioned / Refurbished 1991, 1992, 1993, & 1994 Mercury Capri Radiators. 

The specifications, per the manufacturer, of this Mercury Capri Radiator (RARE 22 7/16" CORE) for models equipped with a n AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (A/T, AT) are as follows: 

Core Size:
13-3/4 x ~22-7/16 x ~ 1 - 1-5/16 Inches
Tank Size: Inlet 23 x 1-9/16 Inches
Outlet 23 x 1-9/16 Inches
Hose Fittings: Top 1-3/8 Left Inches
Bottom 1-3/8 Right Inches
Typical Number of Rows: 2
**Transmission Cooler Fittings: YES-- 10-13/16 Inches.
*Technical Note:  THESE RECONDITIONED / REFURBISHED Mercury Capri Radiator Manual Transmission (MT, M/T) - TURBO CHARGED (XR2) or NON-TURBO (BASE) MODELS ** RARE 22 7/16" / 22 3/8" CORE ARE ALL COPPER ... THE MOST Rugged ALL METAL model availabile!!  The original Mercury Capri Radiators were origionally manufactured for Ford using Plastic Tanks and Outlets. These tend to crack and break causing irreparable damage. To this day, there are some manufacturers using these same inferior materials

Please browse the entire Modern Capri Parts catalog for all your 1991 Capri parts, 1992 Capri parts, 1993 Capri parts, 1994 Capri parts needs. The original Ford part number for this Mercury Capri Radiator - Automatic Transmission (AT, A/T) Models - (AT, A/T) / Capri Radiator - Automatic Transmission (AT, A/T) Models - (AT, A/T) -  RARE 22 7/16" CORE CORE is no longer active in the Ford Parts database. 
$399.98 each

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