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SKU: INT-027

This Mercury Capri FRONT Seat Cover Set (does not include set of two (2) headrests covers, but is an option that you can add) and is a super high quality, Custom tailored, and economical solution to restoring a fresh look to your Mercury Capri's interior. They offer a great economic alternative to the more expensive truly "CUSTOM FIT" re-upholstery kits and at the same time dispense with the associated time consuming and labor intensive re-upholstery process.

These 1991-94' Custom Made Seat Covers offer a plain no-nonsense interior color coordination without the graphic patterns or designs associated with most other fabrics. As you know, the original Mercury Capri upholstery is no longer available, so we answered the requests most all of our customers wanting a solid coordinating colored Mercury Capri seat cover without a graphic design pattern! THE SEAT COVER MATERIAL IS NOT THE ORIGIONAL PATTERN AND IS NO WAY SIMILAR TO IT. The fabric of these Mercury Capri velour type "quilted" seat covers is a durable, tough, nylon-polyester/poly-propylene blend with a foam backing to give the cover body which improves the look after installation. PLEASE NOTE: THE ABOVE PIC IS FOR ILLUSTRATION PUPOSES ONLY AS THE VELOUR-LIKE FABRIC COLOR & WEAVE/STYLE MAY VARY BASED ON AVAILBILITY AT THE TIME OF ORDER.

  • Available in 2 Different Colors.
  • No Special Tools or Knowledge To Install. Simply Slip them Over Your Old Upholstery!
  • Includes Matching Headrests and Driver's Side Map Pocket
  • 3/8 Inch Foam Backing For Added Comfort, Fit, & Durability.
  • Pre-Treated With A Stain Protector

This high quality custom "made-to-measure", Mercury Capri cloth / velour type front seat cover kit is available in both grey (Light/Medium Charcoal Grey) or Black Velore-like fabric with available matching head rests and sewn-in map pocket in the back side of driver's seat. These custom made Mercury Capri seat covers are specifically designed, and custom made for just your Mercury Capri Convertible using top quality "velour" cloth which remains cool in the summer and not get "sticky or sweaty" and also remain comfortable in the winter months unlike Vinyl or Leather. These covers are designed to slip right over your existing original seat upholstery & padding. Again, they are tailored for a Custom type fit using the original patterns, but have rather square corners and NOT contoured or curved corners, so there will be a little slack or extra fabric on the edges, but they still provide a very nice customized fit. During the online ordering process for this Mercury Capri Seat Upholstery Kit, a "drop-down" menu towards the bottom of the screen with allow you to select two(2) color options.

These high quality, custom made/tailored Mercury Capri Seat Covers, are made right here in the U.S.A. This Mercury Capri Seat Cover Kit is not a set of cheap set of "Universal" Seat Covers, but are rather custom made to fit JUST the 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994 Mercury Capri convertibles. Please note, however, that the headrests are not dohnut shaped" as the original, but instead are a solid conforming shape (see "stock" PIC above for illustration purposes) with no center hole/cutout and are held in place with an with elastic bottoms. In addition prior to re-installing the headrests, and after fitting the seat back covers, you'll need to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the headrest cover re-installation preparation. In summary prior to re-installing the headrests into the seats, you'll need to cut two small "X' holes in the top of each seat, and tuck the edges into the original plastic grommets to accommodate the metal headrest retaining rods that push into the seat back. 

Finally although these seat covers  are manufactured using the original Mercury Capri seat pattern, they have rather square corners and NOT contoured or curved corners, so there will be a little slack or extra fabric on the edges, but still provide a quite nice customized fit. We offer these beautiful Pleated Velour seat covers in either solid "silver grey" (light/medium grey) for the 1991, 1992, and 1993 Mercury Capri models or solid black for the 1994 Mercury Capri. Kindly use the drop-down menu to select the color desired and if you chose to add a set of two (2) headrest covers (Set) for an additional $49.99. This $49.99 upcharge for the optional headrests will appear on your invoice at check-out.

We are directly linked with the manufacturing plant, so they will drop-ship your Mercury Capri Seat Upholstery Kit directly to you. However, the manufacturing process still extends delivery by about 3 - 4 weeks at which time UPS/FEDEX will pick-up your order from our manufacturer for delivery. We will in turn mail you a copy of your receipt separately via USPS. If you ordered other items at the same time, they will be shipped to you separately along with the receipt for all items purchased. Finally, please remember that these kits are custom made, "special order items" and will take about four weeks to ship from the manufacturer following placement of order. Again, this Mercury Capri Seat Upholstery Kit is no longer available new through Ford. Therefore as a custom made-to-order item as per our stated policies, we do not accept cancellations for any reason.......All Sales Are Final" and "As Is". Again this is a custom / special order item, so it is non-cancellable.

Application - All Mercury Capri convertible models including the XR2/Turbo - Mercury Capri Front & Rear Seat Cover Kit: 1991 / 91 Mercury Capri Front & Rear Seat Cover Kit, 1992 /92 Mercury Capri Front & Rear Seat upholstery Kit, 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Front & Rear Seat Cover Kit, 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Front & Rear Seat Cover Kit.

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$352.97 each

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