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Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator / Capri Voltage Regulator - BOSCH or MITSUBISHI Alternators - BRAND NEW


Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator / Capri Voltage Regulator for either the 85 Amp BOSCH (see top large picture) or the 70 Amp MITSUBISHI alternator (see smaller picture at the bottom of this description); simply click on the small PIC to enlarge it for easier viewing. 

This Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator / Capri Voltage Regulator is an internal ("integral") component of both the Bosch and Mitsubishi alternators. The Bosch alternators were used by Ford in all Mercury Capri models built up to 12/1990 and the Mitsubishi Alternators were standard equipment on all Mercury Capri Models built from 4/1991. Consequently, please use the drop-down menu provided below to select the correct Voltage Regulator based on the Alternator currently in your Capri. There may be a price difference between the Mercury Capri Voltage Regulators depending on which type needed. This price differential will be displayed during the ordering process. 

For ease of identification, the original Ford part number for the Voltage Regulator for Bosch Alternators was: E9JY10316A / E9JY-10316-A, and conversely for the Mitsubishi Alternators the part number was: FOJY10316A / FOJY-10316-A     

These Mercury Capri Voltage Regulators are no longer available from Ford and are therefore considered obsolete parts.  It is critical that you verify which type of Alternator is  currently in your Capri to ensure that you are ordering the correct Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator; As per our stated/published store policies, although brand new, there are no warranties, or guaranties whatsoever, and absolutely no returns accepted on theses Mercury Capri Voltage Regulators, as well as all electrical components - All sales are final and "As Is"

Application - All Mercury Capri models including the XR2 / turbo: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 - Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator: 1991 / 91 Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator, 1992 / 92 Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator, 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator, 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Voltage Regulator.

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$129.98 each


BOSCH or MITSUBISHI Type Alternator? :


BOSCH or MITSUBISHI Type Alternator? :

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