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Mercury Capri Alternator - Bosch (1st Production - 85 AMP) or Mistubishi (2nd Production - 70 AMP) - REMANUFACTURED or BRAND NEW: ORIGINAL / MOTORCRAFT / "NOS" (BOSCH), OR PREMIUM QUALITY BRAND NEW!


A BRAND NEW, or a professionally REBUILT / RE-MANUFACTURED to the highest standards, Mercury Capri Bosch Alternator or Mercury Capri Mitsubishi Alternator. Kindly note, the rebuilt alternators may, or may not, include the pulley depending on the re-manufacturer. If pulley is not included, you'll need to re-use your old one or purchase a new one from us (Sold Separately). Finally due to rarity and cost of replacement parts, the Mercury Capri Bosch alternators are $50.00 more than the Mercury Capri Mitsubishi alternators. Additionally as expected, the PREMIUM QUALITY NEW ALTERNATOR UNITS ARE $100.00 MORE THAN RE-MANUFACTURED UNITS and the ORIGINAL / MOTORCRAFT / "NOS" (BOSCH), are $180.00 more than the RE-MANUFACTURED BOSCH UNITS. Simply use this drop-down menu to select if you want to order a  RE-MANUFACTURED Bosch Alternator, a NEW (AFTERMARKET) Bosch Alternator ($100.00 UP-CHARGE), an ORIGINAL / MOTORCRAFT / "NOS" (BOSCH) Alternator ($180.00 UP-CHARGE).**NOTE: ALL BOSCH ALTERNATORS ARE 85 AMP (CAPRI Build Dates: 12/1990 - 1/28/92). Also please use this drop-down menu to select a Re-manufactured MITSUBISHI Alternator, or a NEW (AFTERMARKET)MITSUBISHI Alternator ($100.00 UP-CHARGE). **NOTE: ALL MITSUBISHI ALTERNATORS ARE 70 AMP - (CAPRI WITH (Build Date AFTER 1/28/92).

For ease of identification, the original Ford part number for this 85 AMP Bosch Alternator was: E9JY10346A / E9JY-10346-A /  E9JY10346AX / E9JY-10346-AX  and F2JY10346ARM / F2JY-10346-ARM & 92JA10300A, 92JA-10300-A for the 70 AMP Mistubishi Alternator or an applicable MOTORCRAFT part number.

****PLEASE NOTE: The price listed in this site description INCLUDES an additional 100% REFUNDABLE, $50.00, "core" deposit (ONLY APPLICABLE REBUILT / REMANUFACTURED UNITS) which will be added to your invoice at the time we process your credit card. It will promptly be REFUNDED upon receipt of your complete old/broken Mercury Capri Alternator. If the Mercury Capri Alternator purchased is NEW, your cost will be $50.00 less (TOTAL $199.99) and the core deposit shown will be NON-REFUNDABLE. Therefore, THE PRICE OF A NEW ALTERNATOR IS $149.99 plus the NON-REFUNDABLE CORE DEPOSIT the $50.00 = TOTAL COST FOR THE NEW ALTERNATOR of $199.99. In this case unless special arrangements have been made, we will refund the $50.00 core deposit prior to finalizing your credit charge transaction; your actual credit card bill will reflect $199.99 plus the selected S & H charge.

Application - All Mercury Capri models including the XR2 / turbo: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Capri Alternator - Bosch / Mitsubishi: 1991 / 91 Mercury Capri Alternator - Bosch / Mitsubishi, 1992 / 92 Mercury Capri Alternator - Bosch / Mitsubishi, 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Alternator - Bosch / Mitsubishi, 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Alternator - Bosch / Mitsubishi

**AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: When ordering kindly use the drop-down menu to specify which type desired of alternator you desire: BOSCH (ORIGINAL/"NOS MOTORCRAFT), Premium Quality Brand New, or RE-MANUFACTURED. If you require a MITSUBISHI Mercury Capri Alternator, please select either a RE-MANUFACTURED or PREMIUM QUALITY BRAND NEW UNIT.

The PIC of this Capri Alternator - Bosch / Mitsubishi is for illustration purposes only, so the actual unit being sold may vary slightly. For ease of identification,  the Bosch Alternators have an External Fan.

*Please Note: These Mercury Capri Alternators - Bosch / Mitsubishi - are no longer available through Ford dealerships. Finally, this Mercury Capri Alternator is considered a "Special Order" item, thus shipping may be delayed up to 5 business days. Furthermore as an electrical, obsolete & special order item, ORDERS CANNOT BE CANCELLED ONCE PLACED ON THESE NEW & RE-MANUFACTURED ALTERNATORS and "All Sales Are Final & As Is"...No Returns, Refunds, Exchanges and/or Store Credits.

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$299.99 each





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