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Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover Kit - BLACK or WHITE - LIGHTLY or NEVER USED - ORIGINAL/FORD: F1JY76501A42A

SKU: CTP-005

WOW...A Lightly Used (Sometimes NEVER used...just out-of -box), Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover Kit in in either White (see small PIC below) or Black based on availability; we may ship you either color, but we do take requests using the drop-down menu below.  This, ORIGINAL/ FORD, Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover is made of the same type PREMIUM QUALITY material as your convertible top!! Again, this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover Kit is ORIGINAL, BUT MAY BE LIGHTLY or NEVER USED, and highly sought after rare 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1994 accessory. This Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover (an origiinal Ford/ Mercury Capri Accessory) fits around the car's "cockpit" area" when the soft top is down. We are selling this rare, Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover Kit close to what Ford sold them for close to 20 years ago. We dell these Mercury Capri Tonneau Covers in WHITE or BLACK depending on availability at the time of ordering.

This BRAND NEW, Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover Kit comes complete including the Original Matching Storage Bag, Hardware, and Installation Instructions! These Mercury Capri Tonneau Covers were manufactured using the same type of vinyl that was used on the convertible tops.

As a brief history, this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover was offered either as 1) a factory option to be sold with the new Capri by the delivering Mercury Dealer, or 2) a Dealer supplied ONLY by the Ford Dealer as optional factory accessory. This Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover was made from convertible top type material, and it is easily installed using existing threaded accessory holes /mounting points which were pre-threaded in the factory on every new Capri built. Therefore, this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover was manufactured by Ford to fit all 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994 models including the XR2/Turbo. For ease of identification, the original Ford part number for this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover (black) Kit was F1JY76501A42A / F1JY-76501A42-A.

This Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover enables the driver to keep the top down on nice days while protecting the interior from the sun, etc. This Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover is available in black. As an added intrinsic benefit, this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover sure looks super COOL!! This original Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover is no longer available new from Ford or any aftermarket sources.

Application - All Mercury Capri models including the XR2 turbo, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover, - 1991 / 91 Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover, 1992 / 92 Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover, 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover, 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover

We welcome phone inquiries, but ALL PURCHASES of this Brand New ("NOS") Original/Ford, Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover Kit MUST BE MADE via our WEB Site; thus, we ONLY ACCEPT ONLINE ORDERS for this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover. Due to this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover being "obsolete, and very rare, we ship them insured and require a signature for delivery; thus, a small shipping surcharge is applied to each order.

*PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover has been stored for close to 15 years and there it remained, most likely seldom, if ever, used. However, it may have some slight imperfections such as slight scuffs, small marks, etc to the tonneau cover matterial and /or its matching storage bag and as such is being sold "As Is". 

Finally, this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover was as "special order" item which required us to "search-out" a suitable example. Thus, all orders for this Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover are non-cancellable and not returnable. Furthermore as per our stated/published store policies, this used Mercury Capri Tonneau Cover is being sold "As Is" and "All Sales are Final"... No returns, refunds, and or exchanges accepted. (See "Store Policies" for further details)

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$699.99 each

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