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Mercury Capri Distributor - Non turbo ( BASE MODEL - "DUEL VAC") / Capri Distributor - Non turbo ( BASE MODEL - "DUEL VAC") - USED

SKU: ENG-014

Used Mercury Capri Distributor / Capri Distributor (NON-TURBO) which is a DUEL "VAC" unit selling at about 75% off Ford's last new price. These  Mercury Capri Distributors contain an upper and lower electronic module. These internal modules, including the pick-up coil / cam sensor, and/or seals or the vacume advance go bad independently or at the same time. There are various other internal seals and external components that cause these Mercury Capri  Distributors / Capri Distributors to fail and rerquire replacement and/or rebuilding. 

**PRICE: $349.99 per each Mercury Capri Non-Turbo  ("DUEL VAC") Distributor / Mercury Capri Non-Turbo / Base Model  ("DUEL VAC") Distributor which is about 75% OFF Ford's Last new price last new price when last available through Ford.  For ease of identification, the original Ford part number for this Mercury Capri Non-Turbo /Base Model ("DUEL VAC") Distributor was: FOJY12127B / FOJY-12127-B. DAE2047. Finally this MERCURY CAPRI DISTRIBUTOR ASSEMBLY - NON-TURBO CAPRI DISTRIBUTOR ("DUEL VAC") / Capri  DISTRIBUTOR  ASSEMBLY - NON-TURBO   ("DUEL VAC")  also has the following Mitsubishi part number stamped on the body: T2T75371. This MERCURY CAPRI DISTRIBUTOR ASSEMBLY - NON-TURBO  DISTRIBUTOR /  CAPRI DISTRIBUTOR ASSEMBLY  - NON-TURBO   ("DUEL VAC") and has a Hollander interchange number of 606-2381.

Application - All non turbo (n/a) Capri models: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 - Mercury Capri Non-turbo, n/a ("Duel VAC") Distributor: 1991 / 91 Mercury Capri Non-turbo ("Duel VAC") Distributor, 1992 / 92  Mercury Capri Non-turbo, n/a ("Duel VAC") Distributor, 1993 / 93  Mercury Capri Non-turbo, n/a ("Duel VAC") Distributor, 1994 / 94  Mercury Capri Non-turbo, n/a ("Duel VAC") Distributor. 

******* PLEASE NOTE ******* (*) Although to the best of are knowledge, this Mercury Capri Non-Turbo Distributor / Capri Non-Turbo Distributor are in full working order when shipped as they are removed from running "donor" cars, they are a "used" & unpredictable, 20+ year old electrical components, selling at huge discounts equating to about 75% off Ford's last list price when new, and about 50% off our comparable "re-built" unit with a limited life time, re-builder's, warranty. Consequently in accordance to stated our policies, there is no guarantee or warranty, whatsoever, on this Mercury Capri Non-Turbo Distributor  ("Duel VAC")  / Capri Non-Turbo Distributor  ("Duel VAC"), and all sales are final / "as is"... no returns, refunds, exchanges, or credits whatsoever. Thus by "clicking on the "Add One To Basket" button, or by placing a telephone order, you are therby acknowledging reading /understanding and agreeing to the above stated (*) purchase polices, terms, and conditions.

**Finally, please note, this Mercury Capri Non-Turbo (n/a) Distributor / Capri Non-Turbo - Base Models
 ("Duel VAC") Distributor is considered a "special order" part, so shipping may be delayed by 3 - 5 business days.

Please browse the entire Modern Capri Parts catalog for all your 1991 mercury capri, 1992 mercury capri engine parts, 1993 mercury capri engine parts, 1994 mercury capri engine parts needs

$299.99 each



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