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Modern Capri Parts Sells All Mercury Capri Manual  (M/T, MT) and Automatic Transmission (AT, AT) parts: Mercury Capri (M/T, MT) Shifter Linkage Parts Mercury Capri Shifter Stabilizer Bar, Shifter Control Rod with bushings, Mercury Capri Shifter Bushings, Mercury Capri Transmission Mounts, Mercury Capri Transmissions - A/T, AT & M/T, MT, Mercury Capri torque converters, shifter cables, shifter linkage parts, Mercury Capri speedometer gears & housing, Mercury Capri A/T Transmission switches electrical components, Mercury Capri Half Shafts, Mercury Capri Axles, Mercury Capri Bearings, and many more Capri parts, 91 - 94 capri  parts, Mercury Capri Transmission Motor Mounts, Mercury Capri Transmission Shifter Linkage Parts, 1991 / 91 Mercury Capri Transmission Parts, 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Transmission Parts, 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Transmission Parts, Mercury Capri Transmission Parts for all Mercury Capri models including all AT, A/T and MT, M/T models
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Mercury Capri M/T Linkage Shifter Lever Collar Bolt, NUT SET
Mercury Capri M/T Transmission Change Control Rod Bushing
Mercury Capri M/T Shifter Stabilizer Bushing
Mercury Capri Stabilizer Bushing Spacer
Mercury Capri M/T Internal Shifter Tension Spring - NEW
Mercury Capri M/T Internal Plastic Shifter Spring Retainer
Mercury Capri M/T Internal Metal Shifter Spring Retainer
Mercury Capri Manual Transmission ( M/T, MT) Gear Shift Knob
Mercury Capri Gear Shift Boot - USED
Mercury Capri A/T Shifter Selector Indicator
Mercury Capri Automatic Transmission Gear Selector
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