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Modern Capri Parts Sells All Mercury Capri Suspension, Steering, Mercury Capri Rear & Front Strut Assembly and & Air Bag Safety Related Parts Parts: Capri Rear Strut Assembly, Mercury Capri Front Strut Assembly, Capri Front Strut Assembly, Windshield Wiper Motors, Mercury Capri Power Steering Pump, Mercury Capri Hubs, Windshield Wiper Parts, Air Bag, Safety, , Mercury Capri Spindles, Capri Spindles, Mercury Capri Knuckles, Capri Knuckles, Mercury Capri Trailing Arms, Mercury Capri Trailing Arms Links, Mercury Capri Control Arms, Mercury Capri Lower Control Arm Bushings, Mercury Capri stabilizers bars, Mercury Capri Tie Rods, Mercury Capri Clock Springs, Mercury Capri Air Bag Module / Computer, Mercury Capri Front Lower Control Arms & Bushings, Mercury Capri Front / Rear Sway Bar Link Kits, 1994 Mercury Capri struts,  Mercury Capri struts, , Mercury Capri Air Bags, Mercury Capri mirrors, Mercury Capri Strut Mounts, Mercury Capri Power Steering Rack & Pinion Assembly & parts & Power Steering Pumps, Windshield Wiper Parts, Windshield Wiper Spray Motors, Windshield Wiper Spray Nozzles, Windshield Wiper Transmissions, Windshield Wiper Arms, Windshield Wiper Blades PLUS many more Capri parts. Modern Capri Parts sells both new and used Mercury Capri Suspension and Safety car parts for all Mercury Capri models including XR2 / turbo: 1991 Mercury Capri Steering, Suspension & Safety Parts, 1992 Mercury Capri Power Steering, Suspension & Safety Parts, 1993 Mercury Capri Steering, Suspension & Safety Parts, 1994 Mercury Capri Steering, Mercury Capri Windshield Wiper Parts, Suspension & Safety Parts, 91 - 94 capri parts
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Mercury Capri Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel - USED
Mercury Capri Air Bag/ Capri Air Bag - USED
1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Air Bag - PASSENGER'S SIDE / RIGHT
Mercury Capri Clock Spring / Capri Clock Spring
Mercury Capri Clock Spring / Capri Clock Spring
Mercury Capri Air Bag diagnostic Module - USED or NEW
Mercury Capri Air Bag Back-Up Power Supply / Battery
Mercury Capri Rear Trailing Arm Bolt & Nut Kit - NEW
Mercury Capri Lateral Link / Capri Lateral Link - RH - REAR
Mercury Capri Lateral Link / Capri Lateral Link - REAR - LH
Mercury Capri REAR Lateral Link - ADJUSTABLE: RH / LH - USED
Mercury Capri Steering Linkage Tie Rod (Outer) - RH or LH
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