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Lighting Parts, Headlight Motors, Head Light Switches & Relays, Fog Light Parts, Marker Lights & Lenses
Mercury Capri Headlight Motor - RIGHT and/or LEFT - BRAND NEW - "OUT-OF-BOX" SPECIAL PRICE - 1991 / 91, 1992 / 92, 1993 / 93, 1994 / 94 Models

WOW...A Restorer's Dream!!! Although these Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motors have been totally obsolete form Ford for CLOSE TO A DECADE, we have JUST ONE REMAING IN STOCK! These Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motors were manufactured by "HELLA" and either motor is interchangeable RH or LH. This  Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motor is being sold at a major discount of OVER 30% BELOW Ford's last reported/known list price of more than $660.00 each. 

**PLEASE NOTE: The BLACK RUBBER DUST / DIRT BOOT which fits over the red "knob" can be purchased, New or Used, separately via the drop-down ordering menue at the specified prices.

An additional 100% REFUNDABLE, $50.00, "core" deposit will be added to your invoice at the time we process your credit card. It will promptly be REFUNDED upon receipt of your complete old Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motor if received within 30 days of original receipt. (*) KINDLY NOTE: Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motors that are incomplete, disassembled, wires cut and/or spliced, and or have broken/stripped/worn worm gear teeth are not eligable for a core deposit refund; if your headlight lift motor runs, but the shaft either 1) does not move or 2)"clicks", your motor's worm gear is broken/stripped/worn and therefore is ineligable for a core deposit refund.

Application: All Mercury Capri models including the XR2/Turbo - 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Mercury Capri headlight lift motor, 1991 Mercury Capri headlight motor, 1992 Mercury Capri headlight motor, 1993 Mercury Capri headlight motor, 1994 Mercury Capri headlight motor.

For ease or identification purposes the last original Ford part number for this NEW Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motor was: FOJY13A167A / FOJY-13A167-A, F4JY13A167A / F4JY-13A167-A: 1991 /91 Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motor, 1992 / 92 Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motor, 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motor, 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motor

*PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This Mercury Capri Headlight Motor is new/"old stock" and as such has been moved from warehouses to dealer(s) and removed from its box multiple times for inspection over the years. These Mercury Capri Headlight Motors are new as stated, but doe not include the Ford box(s)/original packaging, and may be imperfect due to storage, etc. Again, this Mercury Capri Headlight Motors sre being sold with no OEM packaging, so they may have slight scuffs/scratches to "body", minor paint discoloration, and may show indication(s) of our testing prior to sale, etc. Due to the fact that these two (2) have been stored "out-of-the-box"/missing packaging, and moved around for over 15 years, they were installed in a donor car for testing and then removed and packaged for sale. Therefore, they do also show some cosmetic wear such as: "bench testing, "witness marks" from installation/removal. In consideration of the above "wear & tear", we are DISCOUNTING THESE two motors by 10% each and they are being sold "as is" with "all sales being final". Therefore as per our stated/published store policies, they are being sold "as is"/"All sales are final / "as is"... No returns accepted, etc. See "Store Policies" for further details.

As per our stated/published store policies, there are no warranties, or guarantees whatsoever, and ABSOLUTELY NO returns accepted on these Mercury Capri Headlight Motors, as well as, all the other new and/or used electrical & obsolete parts we sell unless otherwise noted (please see store policies for details). In short...."All Sales Are Final" and "As Is" on this New Mercury Headlight Lift Motor. Futhermore, this new Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motor is not only obsolete from Ford, but also no longer available through all of our aftermarket sources. In fact, when we acquired these last Mercury Capri Headlight Lift Motors, they were a "special order parts". Therefore as with all the "Obsolete" and "Special Order" Capri parts we sell, the stated Store Policies stand: "All Sales Are Final" and "As Is". In accordance with our automated "check-out" via this web site, or ordering one by phone, you are thereby acknowledging/agreeing to these and all published store policies.

We welcome phone inquiries, but ALL SALES MUST BE MADE via our WEB Site; thus, we ONLY ACCEPT ONLINE ORDERS for these LAST REMAINING NEW, ORIGINAL/Ford, Mercury Capri Headlight Motors. Due to thess Mercury Capri Headlight Motors being "obsolete, and very rare, we ship them insured and require a signature for delivery; thus, a small shipping surcharge is appiled to each order.

Please browse the Modern Capri Parts catalog for all your 1991 mercury capri parts, 1992 mercury capri parts, 1993 mercury capri parts, and 1994 mercury capri parts needs.

(*)IMPORTANT CORE RETURN RETURN POLICY: Core returns MUST be received by us within 30 days from your date of receipt. Therefore as per our store policies, your headlight motor core must be received within 30 days from the purchase date or the core deposit will be forfeited. If this return timeframe criteria is not followed/observed, and you return a core after this 30 day period, we are NOT responsible for paying for the return shipping charges. Therefore, if the customer wants said core returned, he/she must notify us within five (5) business days of our notification to them of core refund ineligibility, and provide us (within the same five (5) business day period) with a money order / cashier's check in the amount of the S & H charges, as per their original sales order including the additional non-negotiable $16.00 shipping surcharge, PLUS a non-negotiable $25.00 administrative fee. We will advise you of said total amount due, and the mailing address at the time of your return request. Upon receipt of your return shipping payment, we'll promptly ship the core back to the original address (unless notified otherwise) per the respective shipping method (i.e.: USPS, FEDEX Ground, etc). Finally all cores must be returned (complete) within 30 days from the purchase date or the core deposit will be forfeited. ***Buyers/Customers are responsible for paying all shipping costs associated with returning the core If a customer attempts to return a core fraudulently using our FEDEX account number to avoid paying said shipping charges ( i.e. fraudulently returning the core in the original box to FEDEX as "Refused" (FEDEX Decal on box), the core deposit will be forfeited and this will be reported to FEDEX. Please refer to store policies regarding RETURNS of any kind. Special order items are non-cancellable, Electrical Parts are non-returnable and carry no warrantee or guarantee....."All Sales Are Final" / "As Is". Any and all returns must be pre-authorized and the customer must obtain a Return Authorization Number ("RAN"). 

$499.97 each

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