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Mercury Capri Radiator Manual Transmission (MT, M/T) - TURBO (XR2) or Non-Turbo (Base Models) - RARE 22 7/16" / 22 3/8" CORE & 26-1/8" CORE - BRAND NEW


This BRAND NEW, replacement Mercury Capri Radiator (RARE 22 7/16"/ 22 3/8 WIDE CORE) for All 1991-94' Base Models with a Manual Transmission (M/T, MT); this is an original equipment replacement Radiator (FOJY-8005-A) for All Mercury Capri Base Models with Manual Transmission (M/T, MT-- EXCEPT XR2 / TURBO) imported into the U.S.A Models. We also sell 1991-1994 Mercury Capri ALL Metal Radiators for the XR2 / TURBO Models with a EITHER a 22 7/16" / 22 3/8" WIDE CORE or 26-1/8" Wide CORE. Although obsolete from Ford for almost a decade, we still have a FEW of these ORIGINAL / FORD Radiators for the Non-turbo (Base Model) Mercury Capri at about a 50% saving as compared to Ford's decade + old prices. 

**PLEASE NOTE: The replacement radiators for ALL Mercury Capri XR2 models with a EITHER a 22 7/16" WIDE CORE or 26-1/8" Wide CORE are ALL METAL (ALL ALUMINIUM or STEEL Depending on availability) for optimal cooling performance! Using the DROP-DOWN MENU BELOW, PLEASE SELECT WHICH SIZE (RARE 22 7/16" WIDE CORE or w/ 26-1/8" Wide CORE) RADIATOR YOU NEED and IF YOUR CAPRI IS A BASE MODEL (NON-TURBO)  OR A TURBO (XR2) MODEL. BOTH MODELS ARE EQUIPPED WITH A MANUAL TRANSMISSION (M/T, MT).   Kindly note there is an additional $49.99 charge for the  ALL ALUMINIUM 22 7/16" / 22 3/8 Radiators for Non-turbo (Base) and a $30.00 up-charge for TURBO (XR2) Models. 


Application - All Mercury Capri models with a Manual Transmission - M/T, MT (Including the XR2 / Turbo) ONLY: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 - Mercury Capri Radiator: 1991 /91 Mercury Capri with a Manual Transmission - M/T, MT Radiator, 1992 / 92 Mercury Capri Radiator with a Manual Transmission - M/T, MT, 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Radiator with a Manual Transmission - M/T, MT, 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Radiator with a Manual Transmission - M/T, MT -- INCLUDING XR2

For ease of identification, the original Ford part numbers for this Mercury Capri Radiator for models with a Manual Transmission - M/T, MT without TURBO were: FOJY8005A / FOJY-8005-A, or F4JY8005A / FOJY-8005-A, and the part number for the Mercury Capri Turbo / XR2 model was: TURBO was FOJY8005C / FOJY-8005-C. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This Mercury Capri Radiator is a special warehouse item, so please allow approximately an additional 3 - 5 business days from order date for item to ship. As a special order item, per our sated policies "All Sales Are Final" & "As Is" order cancellations, returns, exchanges and/or refunds, so please measure your old radiator PRIOR to ordering this replacement unit. Although it seems that Capri radiators most commonly have a 22 7/16" / 22 3/8" (~22.44") WIDE CORE, PRIOR TO ORDERING, you'll need to determine/confirm that your core has a 22 7/16" (~22.44") WIDE CORE as well as with the rest of its measurements provided below OR the ONLY OTHER OPTION Radiator size option: with a 26-1/8" Wide CORE. Again,using the DROP-DOWN MENU BELOW, PLEASE SELECT WHICH SIZE (RARE 22 7/16" WIDE CORE or w/ 26-1/8" Wide CORE) RADIATOR YOU NEED  and IF YOUR CAPRI IS A BASE MODEL (NON-TURBO)  OR A TURBO (XR2) MODEL EQUIPPED WITH A MANUAL TRANSMISSION (M/T, MT).

The specifications, per the manufacturer, of this Mercury Capri Radiator (RARE 22 7/16" CORE) for models equipped with a M/T, MT (INCLUDING the XR2 - TURBO) are as follows:

Core Size: 13-3/4 x ~22-7/16 x 1-5/16 Inches
Tank Size: Inlet 23 x 1-9/16 Inches
Outlet 23 x 1-9/16 Inches
Hose Fittings: Top 1-3/8 Left Inches
Bottom 1-3/8 Right Inches
Number of Rows: 2 
Technical Note: Rugged ALL METAL model.
**Transmission Cooler Fittings:  NO

(*) If a given manufacturer offers any warrantee, all warrantee claims must be handled and submitted directly through the manufacturer. Pursuant to their policies/procedures; if a warrantee is offered, a copy of the warrantee paperwork will be included with the radiator. If no warrantee paper work is in the original radiator box, there is NO warrantee offered.Therefore, www.ModernCapriParts.Biz (Progressive Resources, Inc.) is held harmless with regards to any and all warrantee claims and thus does not warrant these radiators per se. It is 100% the customer's responsibility to interface, and submit all warrantee claims directly with the manufacturer including returning said radiator for warrantee claims. The manufacturer is solely responsible for honoring all warrantee claims and is responsible for making any and all decisions pertaining to any and all warrantee claims.   

This as radiator is considered a "Special Order" part, so shipping will be delayed from 3- 7 business days. Finally pursuant to our stated store policies, this radiator as a Special Order and Obsolete Part and as such ..... "All Sales Are Final & As Is" refunds, exchanges, returns, or refunds other than what the manufacturer deems a valid warrantee claim.

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