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Mercury Capri Distributor Assembly - Non-Turbo (BASE MODEL, (n/a) / Capri Distributor Assembly - Non-Turbo (BASE MODEL, (n/a) - CUSTOM PREMIUM QUALITY, RE-BUILDING / RE-MANUFACTURING SERVICE (NOT BY A-1 CARDONE!) - FREE 12 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY (**)


Mercury Capri non-turbo (n/a) distributor / Capri non-turbo (n/a) distributor which is a duel "VAC" unit selling at about 60% off Ford's last new price!! A PROFESSIONALLY Re-built / Re-manufactured Mercury Capri non-turbo (n/a) distributor. In addition as an Assembly this  Mercury Capri Non Turbo (n/a) distributor includes a FREE new distributor cap and rotor! Following is a detailed outline of how these distributors are re-manufactured by Modern Capri Parts contracted American Re-manufacturer: 
  • All  Distributors are precision remanufactured using original equipment castings. All castings are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using industrial compounds and equipment.
  • All components such as gears, breaker plates and shafts are cleaned and inspected prior to our assembly process. Drive gear’s, couplers and fasteners are graphite finished. Breaker plates are disassembled and all worn components are replaced.
  • Housings are sandblasted to restore factory finish and shaft assemblies are cleaned and polished. Housings are inspected to ensure mounting flanges, cap locators and threads are acceptable. Shafts that are damaged are spray welded and machined or discarded. Advance weights, pins and springs are inspected and replaced if worn.
  • Vacuum advance assemblies are disassembled, re-plated and have new diaphragms installed. Advance specifications are identified during this process.
  • New bushings are aligned and installed in housings prior to shaft installation.
  • Modules and wiring harnesses are supplied with most electronic application’s, and points and condensers are included with all standard ignition applications. All modules are stress tested prior to installation.
  • All distributors are completely bench tested after assembly, throughout all R.P.M. ranges. Mechanical, vacuum and electronic advance curves are checked during testing. Dwell settings are performed on point type applications.
  • Distributors are supplied with new caps and rotors, when needed, as well as installation instructions and technical bulletins, where applicable.
PLEASE NOTE: **PRICE: $599.98 per each Mercury Capri Non-Turbo (n/a) Distributor which is about 50% OFF Ford's Last new price last new price when last available through Ford. For ease of identification, the original Ford part number for this Mercury Capri Non-Turbo (Base Model, n/a) Distributor was: FOJY12127B / FOJY-12127-B, MOTORCRAFT Part # DAE2047. Finally this MERCURY CAPRI DISTRIBUTOR ASSEMBLY - NON-TURBO (n/a) also has the following Mitsubishi part number stamped on the body: T2T75371. This MERCURY CAPRI DISTRIBUTOR ASSEMBLY - NON-TURBO (n/a) - BRAND NEW and has a Hollander interchange number of 606-2381.

This 1991-94' Mercury Capri Distributor is provided via MCP's American Rebuilder specializing in the automotive electronics industry, so essentially we are offering a PREMIUM re-building/re-manufacturing service. 
In order to replenish our supply of "re-buildable" cores" sent to our re-manufacturer we need your old one back. Therefore upon placing an orderan additional 100% REFUNDABLE $90.00 "core" deposit will be charged for each
Mercury Capri Non-turbo (Base Model, n/a) distributor purchased.  This a
dditional 100% REFUNDABLE $90.00 "core" deposit will be added to your invoice at check-out. This additional 100% REFUNDABLE $90.00 "core" deposit will promptly be REFUNDED upon receipt of your complete old/broken non-turbo (n/a) distributor within 30 days from the recorded date FEDEX delivers the re-built unit.(*). We will only provide a core deposit refund if the "core" returned is in one piece, complete (not missing any parts), and the housing/body is not broken, or cracked. In summary, the returned core must be in re-buildable condition as was the one we advanced/sent to the re-manufacturer on your behalf

Application - All non turbo Mercury Capri models: Application - All Mercury Capri non turbo models: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 - mercury capri non turbo distributor: 1991 / 91 Mercury Capri Distributor Non Turbo (n/a), 1992 / 92 Mercury Capri Distributor Non Turbo (n/a), 1993 / 93 Mercury Capri Distributor Non Turbo (n/a), 1994 / 94 Mercury Capri Distributor Non Turbo (n/a).

(*) PLEASE NOTE: 1) IT WILL TAKE APPROXIMATELY 2 - 3 BUSINESS WEEKS TO FULFILL AN ORDER WHICH REPRESENTS THE REQUIRED TIME FOR CUSTOM RE-MANUFACTURING OF EACH MERCURY CAPRI NON-TURBO (BASE MODEL) DISTRIBUTOR (We have charged your card today as acknowledgment of your intent to go ahead with the rebuild), 2) Each Mercury Capri distributor comes with a FREE TWELVE (12) MONTH, non-transferable, WARRANTY via the re-builder, 3) The re-manufacturer voids the warranty due to this Capri distributor being improperly installed, and/or damage caused during and/or after installation, or any tampering (dismantling) the furnished Mercury Capri Distributor. 
(*) PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This Mercury Capri distributor has a free warranty, but said warrentee carries a $50.00, non-refundable, deductible, is applicable to all warranty claims and you are responsible for paying all return freight/shipping costs to return a faulty Mercury Capri distributor for all warrentee claims. This re-manufacturer's warranty covers the replacement/exchange of the faulty Capri distributor per the re-manufacturer's approval based on their rules/parameters, and will consider labor costs for the 1st installation on a case by case basis.  All warrentee claims returns must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt to be honored. Thus, we DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS, and/or STORE CREDITS under ANY circumstances. By clicking "Buy-One-Now", ADD TO CART, or by ordering by phone, your are thereby acknowledging having read, and/or have had said policies/provisions, verbally explained and consequently thereby agreeing to the above stated warranty/return criteria and all published "store policies". Modern Capri parts does not warrant or guarantee this distributor in any way whatsoever. All warranty claims will be decided and handled by the re-manufacturer; Modern Capri Parts only acts as a "middle man", and as such sends our core out for rebuilding (while awaiting your core to replenish stock), and handles the administrative process of returning faulty distributors for their review and warranty claim consideration. If the warranty claim is approved, we also handle shipping the replacement unit back to you. 

*Please Note: These re-built Mercury Capri Non-Turbo Distributors are no longer available through Ford dealerships. Furthermore, this Mercury Capri Non-Turbo Distributor is considered a "Special Order"/ "CUSTOM ORDERED RE-MANUFACTURED SERVICE/ITEM. Therefore as per our stated policies, upon placing an order for this Mercury Capri Non-turbo (Base Model) Custom Re-manufactured Distributor, IT IS NON-CANCELLABLE..."ALL SALES ARE FINAL" & "AS IS", and as such there will also be no refunds, store credits, or exchanges (outside of said re-manufacturers 12 month warrantee). 

Please browse the entire Modern Capri Parts catalog for all your 1991 mercury capri mercury engine parts, 1992 mercury capri mercury engine parts, 1993 mercury capri mercury engine parts, and 1994 mercury capri mercury engine parts needs.

(*) If this return timeframe criteria is not followed/observed, and you return a core after this 30 day period, we are NOT responsible for paying for the return shipping charges. Therefore, if the customer wants said core returned, he/she must notify us within five (5) business days of our notification to them of core refund ineligibility, and provide us (within the same five (5) business day period) with a money order / cashier's check in the amount of the S & H charges, as per their original sales order including the additional non-negotiable $16.00 shipping surcharge, PLUS a non-negotiable $25.00 administrative fee. We will advise you of said total amount due, and the mailing address at the time of your return request. Upon receipt of your return shipping payment, we'll promptly ship the core back to the original address (unless notified otherwise) per the respective shipping method (i.e.: USPS, FEDEX Ground, etc).


Please browse the entire Modern Capri Parts catalog for all your 1991 Mercury Capri, 1992 Mercury Capri Engine parts, 1993 Mercury Capri engine parts, 1994 Mercury Capri Engine parts needs
$699.98 each



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